From the groundbreaking Making Waves and Multicultural Alliance programs to the Next Generation Scholars summer program and the Gallard Fellowship, Branson has a history of engagement with and success in building a diverse community. To thrive in our second century, we are committed to building a healthy, diverse community with respect to race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation and identity, a community in which each member feels equal ownership and a deep sense of belonging.

Voices informed by different experiences, backgrounds and points-of-view enhance the quality and depth of student learning, both in terms of classroom conversations and moral and ethical development. A diverse classroom allows students to navigate and find common ground across a wide ideological and social spectrum, essential skills for which there is great need in today’s society. Moreover, such a community attracts the most dynamic and talented students and teachers.

Branson can only be a truly great school when we realize this vision. To do so, we must commit significant, ongoing resources to make it possible for the best student applicants to attend the school and for our faculty to teach and engage a more diverse student population. Our current financial aid program provides crucial support, but our size and financial model prevent us from supporting a sufficiently diverse and representative student body. Consequently, we must redouble our efforts to build endowment that sustains increased financial aid.

In order for Branson to reach its full potential, equity and inclusion cannot be community goals; they must be community norms. 


3.1 Study current diversity demographics at faculty/staff/student levels and establish methods and measures to increase diversity; create metrics by which we can measure our progress.

3.2 Raise substantial additional funds to support expanded financial aid and other initiatives to allow the most talented students from diverse socioeconomic
backgrounds to attend Branson.

3.3 Expand the size of the current student body to attract more diverse candidates.

3.4 Support existing and explore new mechanisms for students and families of all backgrounds to feel fully engaged in the complete Branson experience. 

3.5 Emphasize community-building and inclusion through expanded educational programming and dialogue on the value of diversity in education.

3.6 Devote professional development resources to faculty to address teaching a more diverse student body.