Our Mission

Branson develops students who make a positive impact in the world by leading lives of integrity, purpose, learning and joy.

Our Community Values





Our Philosophy

1. We believe that student well-being and growth should be at the center of every decision we make.

2. We believe an excellent education includes not only deep intellectual inquiry and engaged learning but also a commitment to instilling values and building character to shape effective leaders for a complex and changing world. 

3.  We believe an essential component of an outstanding education is a diverse and inclusive community, where each member feels a deep sense of belonging. 

4. We believe that students are most engaged when the curriculum presents opportunities for them examine issues relevant to their lives and future.

5. We believe dedicated mentors, in partnership with parents, are critical in helping adolescents grow into principled adults.

 6. We believe taking risks is an integral part of learning and growing.

 7. We believe ongoing, honest self-examination is healthy and makes us a better school.

Branson Diversity Mission Statement

Branson believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential components of an excellent learning environment and a vibrant, caring community.  We aspire to create a community in which every member feels a deep sense of belonging and inclusion.

Branson Honor Code

In choosing The Branson School as a place to learn and a place to work, each member of the community — student, faculty, staff and parent — agrees to sustain an environment of honesty and integrity. We will, individually and collectively, do our part to create and maintain trust, respect and care throughout school life by accepting responsibility for our own actions and those of others. We make this commitment to ensure that each of us may grow both in knowledge and in wisdom and that we may leave this school having enriched it by our presence.